Hilary Hoagland-Grey

Hilary has over 25 years’ experience in international development, especially multi-lateral financial institutions including the IDB and IFC, with a focus on enabling sustainable development. She has wide-ranging international sustainable development and environmental experience especially working on complex projects, in varied contexts, and diverse locations. Her focus is on identifying and managing environmental and social risks while maximizing positive development outcomes. She has recently been working within a variety of working groups on how to incorporate natural disaster management and climate change into the overall management systems and processes. Hilary has worked with multi-lateral and bilateral investment organizations, governments, and private sector clients from the financial sector to industrial sectors such as the oil and gas industry and transportation infrastructure. These experiences are complimented by experience in the NGO sector, as a government regulator, and in academia.

Knowledge Areas & Expertise: Environmental & social risk identification, management; International financial institution investment and due diligence sustainability policies and requirements; E&S risk management training, Sustainable and responsible investment; Natural disaster risk management and climate change adaptation; Sector focus: infrastructure, especially transportation; oil and gas; Manufacturing and industry; Agribusiness; Coastal development and tourism.

Skills: Strategy and policy development; Training and capacity building; IFI procedure and requirement compliance.

Languages: English (native); Spanish (proficient reading and speaking)

Regional experience: UK, USA, Greece, Azerbaijan, Spain, Bulgaria, Italy, Peru, Jamaica, Ireland, United Arab Emirates, Poland, Paraguay, Guyana, Honduras, Argentina, Czech Republic, Mexico; Slovakia, Turkey, Bahamas, Sweden, Nether-lands, Switzerland, Georgia, Brazil, Norway, Russia, South Africa, and Hungary.

Education: MSc International Marine Policy; London School of Economics, London, December 1996. Multi-disciplinary course designed for managers and policy makers; Included the science, economics, and law of maritime industry (shipping, oil & gas, offshore mining, fisheries, coastal and eco-tourism). Emphasis was on policies encouraging sustainable development while ensuring environmental protection.

BSc Marine Science and Geology; University of Miami, Florida, May 1987. Five-year double major, including marine science, engineering, geological and biological sciences and one year of graduate courses related to hydrology, marine geology, and marine paleontology as they related to mapping global climate change.

Location: Washington, D.C., USA