Market Transformations

Market transformations
We help our clients, their clients and other relevant stakeholders understand and respond to global sustainability challenges at the sector or market level by providing advisory and facilitation services to:

  • Multi-stakeholder engagement processes including roundtables, workshops and cross-sector initiatives
  • Shape policy and development of country and sector-level standards and principles for common adoption and implementation leading to a “level playing field”
  • Define metrics for monitoring and measuring collective implementation progress of standards and principles


Sustainability Leadership

Sustainability leadership
We provide a range of services to our clients to drive industry leadership on sustainability as well as help individual organisations set the “tone from the top” to:

  • Benchmark and map leading industry standards and best practice to inform leadership approaches and decision-making
  • Set sustainability strategy and policy consistent with core business and values
  • Raise awareness and educate at the Board of Directors and C-suite level to drive buy-in
  • Coach and train senior management and business unit leadership of an organisation on sustainability issues, context and drivers


Implementation Support

Implementation support
Through a consultative process, we work closely with our clients to develop the approach, procedures, tools and systems required to:

  • Implement sustainability strategy and policy commitments
  • Assess transaction, project, client and portfolio risk
  • Address specific issue or sector risks and challenges
  • Identify opportunities to engage clients on sustainability issues for enhanced outcomes


Capacity building and training

Capacity building and training
We provide a range of practical, engaging, case study-based capacity building and training services to help clients at the sector or individual organisation level to:

  • Raise awareness of sustainability issues, standards, policies and implementation requirements
  • Build institutional knowledge, buy-in and ownership for sustainability issues, particularly for client-facing staff
  • Develop technical expertise with regard to environmental and social risk management, application of international standards and sector-specific issues