Magdalena Stroe

Magdalena Stroe
Sustainable Business Advisory

Magdalena has 15 years experience in advising financial institutions on their sustainability and legal risks. Currently she provides customised sustainability consultancy services to financial institutions in both developed and emerging markets.

Prior to this, Magdalena worked as Senior Sustainable Business Advisor for ABN AMRO Bank N.V. and Royal Bank of Scotland, where she was responsible for managing the sustainability risks to which the companies were exposed. She developed sustainability policies & procedures and provided support for their implementation in the banks’ core businesses.

Her sustainability advisory experience covers a wide range of financial products and services, from new client acceptance to trade finance and complex lending transactions such as Equator Principles transactions (project finance). She has analysed the sustainability profiles of companies around the world, in industries with significant sustainability issues such as Oil & Gas, Mining & Metals, Power & Utilities and Agriculture.

Magdalena’s responsibilities as Country Head of Legal for ABN AMRO Bank Romania allowed her to gain in-depth knowledge of key products and processes of financial institutions and have a clear understanding of the interests that their various stakeholders have. Her work has also offered her the opportunity to successfully coach and manage people.

Knowledge Areas & Expertise: Emerging markets; Africa, Asia, South/Latin America; Financial sector; Environmental & Social Risk Management; E&S Management Systems; Sustainability strategy, policies and procedures; E&S risk management training; Sustainability training; Agriculture & soft commodities; Mining; Oil & gas; Power & utilities; Equator Principles; IFC Performance Standards; SME lending; Sustainability reporting; Responsible business conduct; Environmental issues; Social issues.

Skills: Strategy development; Policy development; Procedures & tools development; Advising; Research; Sustainability training; Management and coaching.

Languages: English (fluent), Romanian (fluent), French (proficient), Dutch (basic), Italian (basic), Spanish (basic).

Regional experience: Romania, Netherlands

Education: Masters Degree, Law, University of Bucharest

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands